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Jersey Met forecast

Today, Friday.
wind West to northwest fresh F5, occasionally strong F6 with gusts to 45mph near showers, backing southwest to south after midnight, veering west and increasing strong F7 to gale F8 by morning.
swellRather rough to rough.
weather Fair or sunny periods and scattered rain or hail showers with a risk of thunder. Becoming cloudy this evening with showers turning to longer periods of rain around midnight, persistent and perhaps
Forecast from Tomorrow, Saturday.
wind West to northwest strong F7 to gale F8, decreasing strong F6 to 7 by midday, fresh F5 by evening and light F3 to moderate F4 by midnight, backing southwest to south light F2 to 3 overnight, locally
weather Mainly cloudy with rain at times, persistent and perhaps heavy early morning. Chance of some fair or sunny intervals in the afternoon. Risk of mist or fog patches towards Sunday morning.

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