The monkey

The wind and weather in Jersey.. a fickle beast and the monkey is here to try and help you out by keeping track of what it's doing. Information is constantly updated and it all looks good on your smartphone too.

Is he really wise?

Well..he does his best. However..

  • Wind readings are taken from the airport so the conditions at the east of the island may be quite different. The strength will always be a bit lower at the beach and this is taken into account when kiteboarding spots are rated.
  • Forecasts are never exact and the further forward you look the less reliable they are. Comparing different forecasts can help.
  • If you end up finding the wind isn't what you expected.. don't blame the monkey!

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He'll be pleased to hear from you. He likes bananas.


What's those icon things on the map?

Those are the kitesurfing and paragliding spots and if they are visible it means that the current conditions look suitable for that sport at that place. The star rating will give an indication of how good it might be.

You can turn them off and on in the settings area found here or at the top-left of the map page.

Other wind-related sports on the island:


Some stuff that's being worked on but hasn't quite made it to the main site yet:


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